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      Business philosophy:

      Mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win

      Quality policy:

      Customer First Perfect Pursuit of Perfection Continuous Improvement

      Customer for the center, satisfaction for the purpose:

      Customers as the center is based on seven basic principles put forward by the principle of customers as the focus, to customers as the center is to the requirements of customers in the first place, by understanding the current and future customers needs and expectations,

      It will be translated into the quality requirements of the company, take effective measures to achieve it, and finally achieve customer satisfaction.

      Keep improving and improve efficiency:

      Organized production and implementation in strict accordance with the standards, controlled all processes in strict accordance with the requirements of iatf16949:2016 standards, and saved costs through continuous improvement and continuous improvement.

      To improve the efficiency, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, visibility, and increase market share.


      Quality objectives:

     ?。?)The rate of acceptance of the product once delivered for inspection≥99.5%;

     ?。?)Product delivery pass rate100%;

     ?。?)Customer satisfaction≥85分;

     ?。?)Quality cost: less than or equal to 400 yuan per month

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