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  • Happiness begins with beauty

      The so-called talents are people-oriented, so our company will provide you with generous remuneration and benefits and a good working and living environment, join us soon.

      Salary and welfare

      1、Working 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

      2. Enjoy paid annual leave and national statutory holidays.

      3. Issue year-end bonus according to the company's operation status.

      4. Buy five social insurance and one housing fund for employees.

      5. Buy group accident insurance for employees.

      6. Provide free physical examination every year.

      7. Hold birthday parties and issue birthday gift money to employees on a regular basis.

      8、Holiday money.

      9、Dinner and lucky draw at the end of the year.

      10、There is an outdoor all-personnel development training activity every year.

      11、Once a year high - standard management personnel related knowledge training (external professional training personnel).

      In daily life

      1、Sports: there is a basketball court in the factory for employees to do physical exercise.

      2、Leisure activities: there are orchards in the factory area. When fruits are ripe, they can be picked and played.

      3、Birthday party: hold birthday party for employees regularly and issue birthday gift money.

      4、Social responsibility: our employees have a certain proportion of volunteers and often participate in social welfare activities to give back to the society.


      1、Training for new employees.

      2、Offer promotion opportunities to employees.









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