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  •   5 salesmen

      Working place: dongguan, guangdong

      College degree

      Working experience is unlimited

      Age is 25-40

      Gender male

      There is no restriction on current residence

      Job responsibilities:

      1. Responsible for the market development of modified materials, dyeing materials and raw materials, and completing the business volume targets set by the company and departments;

      2. Responsible for the follow-up and maintenance of old customers assigned by the company to increase trading volume;

      3. Responsible for market research and collection of market information as required by the company;

      4. Complete other tasks assigned by the company.

      1 business assistant

      Working place: dongguan, guangdong

      College degree

      2 years working experience

      Age is 20-40

      Female gender

      There is no restriction on current residence

      Job requirements:

      1. College degree or above, major in trade, finance and accounting is preferred;

      2. Good at communication, active thinking, good organization and coordination ability, able to accurately understand customer needs;

      3. Proficient in using office software and related office equipment;

      4. Strong sense of service and affinity.

      Job responsibilities:

      1. Acted as the external window of the company's business, played the role of communicating with customers externally and coordinating with relevant departments internally.

      2, assist the salesman to complete customer orders before trading ready to work, such as the sample tracking, standard confirmation, contract signing, etc., finish after the contract signing trade execution work, such as follow up production progress and arrange delivery, reconciliation and payment and so on, until the contract to complete the relevant formalities.

      3. Timely complete relevant reports as required by the company and the department.

      4. The leader arranges other work tasks.

      Color matching engineer 1 person

      Working place: dongguan, guangdong

      Education required high school

      3 years working experience

      Age is 25-45

      Gender male

      There is no restriction on current residence

      Job requirements:

      1. Male, high school degree or above, major is not limited;

      2. Familiar with injection molding process, familiar with modification research and development of PP, PA, PS, PBT, PTT, PET, PC/ABS, PA/ABS and other plastic materials, more than 3 years of relevant working experience;

      3. Can independently complete the color matching of the printing plate, with strong anti-pressure ability, and can independently go to the customer for color matching service, and well complete the task;

      Job responsibilities:

      1. Prepare the color samples required by the customer, make production allocation and follow up on the colors required by the customer, and make the color appearance meet the customer's requirements;

      2. Optimize and improve the old formula;

      3. Provide services for on-site color matching and after-sales color matching technologies required by customers;

      4. Arrange the production and inspection of color powder in time according to the planned order to ensure the delivery date and quality;

      5. Record, hand over and keep secret the color powder formula information;

      Job benefits:

      Subsidized meals, phone subsidies, endowment insurance, medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, birth insurance and housing accumulation fund, 8 hour day, double cease, paid annual holiday, the   national legal holiday probation on full pay, bonuses, free training, free medical

      Work address: dongguan zhonghua huamei plastics co., LTD., no. 247 mingzhu road, xitalong management district, shatian town, dongguan city, guangdong province

      Interview address :(ibid.)

      Contact person: miss Chen

      Contact number: 0769-88867757 to 8688

      Mobile phone number: 18929121678

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